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What’s happening this month on your Countryside homestead…

March/April 2015


Current Issue:
May/June 2015

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Barbecue Recipes for Barbecue Season
By Wanda Clark

Before You Start Your Adventure
By Jim Cobb

By Kenny Coogan

Ketosis and the Family Cow
By Kay Wolfe

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From the Countryside Online Library:
New E-book: Rule Your RoostAll around the homesteadEquipping the “ideal” homestead in the 21st centuryHow many ways can you save time?Are you depriving your kids?Get your Countryside T-Shirt today!Your homestead business

Selecting and starting your ideal home business

Marketing your crafts

Wholesale vs. retail, Part I: Retail

Alternative energy

Purchasing and using a masonry stove

Is homegrown wind power right for you?

Solar hot water, anyone? System options for every climate

Homestead Construction

Energy efficient homes

Designing your ideal homestead

Build your own solar shower for pennies

Country kitchen

Learning to cook on a woodstove

Sourdough bread variations

Stocking your emergency food pantry

Homestead crafts

Design your own insulating window quilts

A second life for bluejeans

Rags to rugs

Crops & soils

The soul of soil

Composting at home

No-till, permanent bed farming

Homestead finances

How to thrive on half your income

How we went from $42,000 to $6,500 and lived to tell about it!

Coping with today’s economy

The garden

Grow herbs in winter

Scarecrows that actually work

The $2 garden

Homestead livestock

Livestock on the homestead

Donkeys on the homestead

The importance of biodiversity in livestock production

Getting started with bees

Selecting cattle for your small farm

Start your own meat goat herd

Draft horses—as useful today as ever

Raising your own backyard pig

Raising ducks and geese on pasture

Fundamental principles of rabbit feeding

Milking sheep offer a new small farm alternative


In the wild

Milkweed: A truly remarkable wild vegetable

Wild onions—punchy, pungent, perfect

Wild parsnip: It’s like raiding a garden, but better

Notes from the Northwoods

Eating out of your garden

Build a homestead one-log hauler

Building and using a midwest solar food dryer


How to purify water in an emergency

Lost in the wilderness! Tips to help you emerge safely

A simple hand-warming heater you can make yourself

Homestead water

How to get water from a drilled well when the power is off

Conservation tips for everyone

Homestead water procurement

Read more in the Countryside Library

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COUNTRYSIDE is the truly original country magazine (established 1917) serving that branch of the Voluntary Simplicity movement seeking greater self-reliance (homesteading), with emphasis on home food production. This includes gardening, small-scale livestock, cooking, food preservation, resource conservation, recycling, frugality, money management, alternative energy, old-time skills, home business, and
much more.
COUNTRYSIDE features reader-written personal experiences and photos straight out of family albums, making each issue just like a long letter from friends who are living the good life, beyond the sidewalks.

  Toil, feel, think, hope; you will be sure to dream enough before you die without arranging for it.

  — J. Sterling