A Countryside Anthology 1998
How to start, equip, operate, and enjoy your place in the country
The Editors of Countryside Magazine
ISBN: 0-9729661-1-0
416 pages.
$ 19.95
Countryside & Small Stock Journal is a country magazine with a twist. A simple living magazine with an attitude. A lifestyle magazine with a viewpoint. And now, all that is a book! Whether your main interest is gardening or goats, woodlots or weeds, country cooking or country living in general, you’ll find a gold mine of great reading and valuable information in this collection of articles from an entire year’s worth of Countryside magazine. See what homesteaders were talking about in 1998, and learn about: restoring old apple trees planning your root cellar raising guinea fowl selecting small-farm tools raising rabbits making cheese and yogurt saving seeds companion planting. . . . .and much, much more! Countryside’s 1998 Anthology is 416 pages of simple delight.