Build Your Own Earth Oven 3rd Edition
A Low-Cost Wood-Fired Mud Oven, Simple Sourdough Bread, Perfect Loaves
Kiko Denzer and Hannah Field
ISBN: 978-0-96798-467-4
129 pages.
$ 17.95
Kiko Denzer and Hannah Field, maker and baker, invite you into the artisan tradition. First, build a masonry oven out of mud. Then mix flour and water for real bread “better than anything you can buy.” Total cost? Hardly more than a baking stone – and it can cook everything else, from 2-minute pizza to holiday fowl, or a week’s meals. Clear, abundant drawings and photos clarify every step of the process, from making “oven mud,” to fire, and to bread. Informative text puts it all into context with artisan traditions of many ages & cultures. Beautifully sculpted ovens (by the author and readers) will inspire the artist in anyone. And the simple, 4 step recipe (based on professional and homestead experience) promises authentic hearth loaves for anyone, on any schedule. From weekend gardeners to “simple living,” back-to-the-landers; Peace Corps volunteers to neighborhood community-builders; third-graders to earth-artists of all ages, this book feeds many hungers! Updated, expanded, re-written, & revised. Foreword by Alan Scott, the grandfather of wood-fired ovens and artisan bread. Super-insulated design holds heat longer with less wood burned. 8 pages of color photos. Plus: mobile ovens, rocket mass heaters for the home, hay-box cookers, and more.