Dave Miller’s Homebrewing Guide
Everything You Need to Know to Make Great-Tasting Beer
Dave Miller
ISBN: 1-88266-905-2
368 pages.
$ 16.95
It’s here! The only book you’ll ever need to brew great-tasting beer at home. If you can boil water and combine ingredients, you can learn skills to make top-notch beer. Dave Miller’s Homebrewing Guide is a simple yet complete overview for brewers of all levels. Brewmaster Dave Miller offers up-to-date advice on cutting-edge techniques and successfully guides you through the entire brewing process. Easy-to-follow instructions: Helpful charts Handy illustrations Troubleshooting tips Comprehensive glossary Resource guide Equipment and recipes Sanitation Miller provides brewers with his two decades of know-how to ensure that they make great-tasting beer or ale every time. Explains equipment of the ’90s, recipe formulation, and troubleshooting. Includes 33 recipes.