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Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens 3rd Edition
Gail Damerow
ISBN: 978-1-60342-469-1
438 pages.
$ 19.95
This informative book for both beginning and experienced chicken owners covers breed selection, building feeders and shelters, how to collect and store your eggs to maintain freshness (or hatching), care for chicks, maintaining good flock health, raising broilers for meat, showing your birds, and more. Always considered the definitive book on chicken care, the updated version simply adds to its value with new sections, and many updates. Features include: Raising chickens for pure enjoyment; new breeds; a new chapter on deciphering chicken sounds, chicken intelligence, and training; new sections on Avian Influenza; Fowl First Aid; and much more. Each chapter has been reorganized with many topics expanded upon and additional topics added. As an example, Chapter 5 includes: * Cannibalism (greatly expanded) * Predators (greatly expanded) * Weather Considerations (greatly expanded) * Coop Cleanup * Dealing with Manure * Trimming Procedures * Handling Chickens * Enterprise Integration.

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