The Gourmet Butcher DVD
From Farm to Table
Cole Ward
ISBN: dvd-0000-001
DVD pages.
$ 29.95
For more than 30 years, master butcher Cole Ward has been teaching chefs, butchers, farmers, caterers and meat-lovers how to cut and prepare their own meat. Now you can, too: In four episodes, master butcher Cole Ward and chef Courtney Contos will show you how to turn a side of Beef, Pork and Lamb into heaven on a plate. The Gourmet Butcher™ delivers Cole Ward’s entire course—plus many extras—in a four-hour DVD series that will take you through every step of the butchering process: breaking down a carcass into primal cuts, turning those primal cuts into gourmet or retail cuts, then transforming them into table-ready gourmet dishes.